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Elara Elis, who's 58 years old, is a realtor who's showing a house. Milan, who's 27 years old, is her client. "You're awfully handsome," she says to him. "I hope you don't mind me touching you." Hmmm...what kind of realtor is she? "It would be a great bachelor pad for orgies for you," she says. What? "Do you mind if I touch you?" she says as her hand wanders down to his package. So either: 1. She really doesn't care about renting the apartment. She just wants young cock. Or: 2. She thinks sucking and fucking her client will seal the deal. We're gonna go with No. 1. "I'm definitely interested in renting this house," Milan says as she eats his cum. "Well that's good," she says, although we're not sure if she's referring to the sale or the cum.
Lexi McCain, a 63-year-old divorcee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (born in Richmond, Virginia), came to us through Rita Daniels, one of our most popular 60somethings. Rita and Lexi met on a swingers' site and did some swinging together with their significant others when Rita said to Lexi, "Hey, have you ever thought about modeling? I know this great company down in Miami." Lexi was definitely interested, and here she is, doing her first scene, getting face-fucked and pussy-slammed by big-dicked JMac. "I like bad boys and confident men who are not afraid to approach me," Lexi said. "A little dangerous, mysterious. Men who ooze confidence. Add a big, wide smile and I'm wet!" Lexi is a big pro football fan (she roots for the Miami Dolphins) and is a professional divemaster. She wears bras and panties as infrequently as possible, says she isn't into any fetishes but did tell us, "I had a sexual fantasy that recently came true: spontaneous and incredibly hot sex with someone I met while traveling on business. On a flight to the Washington, D.C. area, I sat across from a guy. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was traveling with no stuff. No briefcase, computer case, jacket, carry-on bag...nothing. When we got off the plane, we went to the baggage claim, and he caught up with me, introduced himself and told me how attractive he thought I was. We met for cocktails, and we were halfway through our drinks when he revealed that he was a U.S. Air Marshal. After 10 minutes, I practically dragged him to the hotel room. I did ask him to put his holster on the bed in plain sight, and that was some of the best sex I ever had." JMac does not carry a gun. But he knows how to shoot.
Gina Monelli, a 42-year-old wife and mom, has her way with young Sam. She's wearing a short, tight, red dress that hugs her pretty little body and heels. How can he resist her? He can't. He doesn't even bother trying. Why would he? Mrs. Monelli is quite the cougar here, aggressively going after Sam's cock and sucking it long and deep. She rides it hard and deep, too, and this scene is so intimate, it's as if Gina and Sam forgot the camera was there. After giving Gina a thorough fucking in a variety of positions, he cums on her pussy. Gina was born in Ukraine and lives in the Czech Republic. She has a happy marriage that's been made even happier by her husband's willingness to let his hot wife fuck total strangers for her pleasure and our viewing pleasure. Favorite Hollywood star: George Clooney. Dream car: Range Rover. Panties? "Not always." She wants to travel more. She enjoys romantic dates. She's a swinger and a nudist who likes "romantic, nice men and sexy girls." Giving a good blow job and getting a good fuck satisfies her best. Both happen here.
"I wanna look at what I'm getting here," 67-year-old Lola Lee says to her stud, who's 40 years younger than her. Yeah, that's right: 40 years. He's young enough to be her grandson. Today, he's her fuck buddy. Lola is clearly the aggressor in this video, going after what she wants and getting it, something she didn't always do. "I was one of those women who always sat there and waited for them to come to me, but in the swinging lifestyle, you have to be more outgoing and let it be known that 'I'm here and I'm horny!'" Lola said. "So I'll smile at a man, and if he's dancing, I'll get up there close to him, and if I really want him, I'll just go over and ask if he'd like to get together and do something, maybe go back to one of the little rooms. It's mostly a matter of gaining nerve and confidence, but I think it's that way with everyone who gets into the lifestyle, men and women." In this video, the guy gets deep into Lola Lee, so deep that instead of withdrawing his cock when he's ready to cum, he shoots his load deep inside her. Lola said, "The pleasure is all mine." But we know otherwise, don't we?