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Video: 25 mins
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Average

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The guy who's with Mona Marley in this scene is into tits. He's with the right woman. Mona, a 65-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother, has big, fat natural tits, and she loves when guys play with them. She loves to play with cock and get fucked, too, but she's rightly proud of her rack and gets what she wants: a fat load all over them. Before she retired from her day job, Mona was the assistant to the head manager at a big corporation. Hmmm...we wonder if Mona managed any head. GrannyLovesYoungCock: What sexually satisfies you best? Mona: Touching and playing. GrannyLovesYoungCock: Are you into any fetishes? Mona: Yes. Shoes and stockings. GrannyLovesYoungCock: How often do you have sex? Mona: Every day. GrannyLovesYoungCock: How does a man attract your attention? Mona: By being a gentleman. And by staring at her tits?
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