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We asked Barushka what she wants to do that she's never done, and she said, "I've done it now!" She means fucking on-camera. Barushka is 56. The dude who's fucking her is 25. She might have been referring to fucking a much-younger guy, too. Here, Barushka starts out dressed while her dick-for-hire starts out totally naked and hard. She sucks his cock loudly and enthusiastically. This is great stuff from a beautiful, sexy lady who really could've been a pro if she wanted to. Instead, she's simply fucking and sucking to help pay for her daughter's wedding. Isn't that a beautiful story? Excuse us while we cry and jack. Can you imagine the conversation at her daughter's wedding? "Hey, Mrs. Barushka, great spread!" And Barushka blushes because she thinks he's referring to her pussy and asshole. Which, come to think of it, he might be.
Cee Cee, a 56-year-old wife, gives us a point-of-view lesson in how to please an older woman. Of course, she also gives a lesson in how an older woman pleases her young stud. He's 30 years younger than Cee Cee, which means he's young enough to be her son. Notice how good Cee Cee is at jacking this lucky guy's cock. Notice how rhythmic her cock-riding is. That's because she's had plenty of practice. In this scene, you get to learn something...and jack, too! Cee Cee is from Canada. She's 5'2" and has C-cup tits. Even though she's in her 50s, she wears thong panties. Good for her! She once sucked off her hubby in a club in France while a lot of people watched. "It was fun," Cee Cee said. "It got me ready for this."
When this video opens, 61-year-old first-timer Regi is lying in bed wearing skimpy, sheer, red lingerie. She has blond hair and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks horny but classy. Then her guy shows up and finishes getting dressed. "Come on, baby, let's go," he says. He doesn't mean, "Let's go fuck." He means, "Let's go out." But Regi doesn't want to go out, and he immediately gets the message. "You want to fuck more?" he says to his Czech MILF. That's exactly what Regi wants to do. And when a woman like Regi wants to fuck, you'd be a fool to turn her down. "I haven't been turned down too many times," said Regi, who has long, pliable, suckable nipples. "Never." See? Guys are pretty bright after all. "It is a lot of fun to do this," Regi said. "I know a lot of younger Czech girls are doing porn, but why not me?" Indeed, why not? "I think we are a very horny country," Regi said. "I don't know why." But does it really matter?